Year: Twenty Twenty-One

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Happy New Year! I know I’m a little late, okay more than a little late but better late than never right? It’s the first day of the 3rd month already – this year seems to be going by rather quickly. Last year by now, we had no idea that in barely 2 weeks, life as we knew it would take a very drastic turn. To be fair most of us are still recovering from everything that 2020 was and lowkey what 2021 started out to be. However, we finally have is a glimmer of hope and a semblance of a return to normalcy with the development and roll out of the covid-19 vaccines.

I started this year with high hopes. After doing a bit of reflection on how last year went, I realized I was missing something significant that was affecting my quality of life without my realising it. In a previous post, I wrote about how I had started to really think about what my purpose is and started setting short-, mid-, and long-term goals. Well, this year, I have decided to take it a step further and really spend time trying to figure out exactly what my reason for being is. Before this year ends, I want to be able to articulate the vision I have for my life. If I’m being completely honest, I have been playing it safe for the last few years. While my life has been a series of plot twists, both pleasant and not-so-pleasant, I have not been nearly as intentional and as consistent as I could have been. I have given myself a lot of grace because I have needed it, but I also realise how important it is for me to be intentional about the kind of life I want. Things are not going to just happen out of the blue. I need to be deliberate in building the right habits, being consistent…basically I need to put in the effort and do the work.

An example of an area in which I have not been half as consistent as I should is with this blog. One of my goals about 2 years ago was to be consistent with my writing, but here we are almost 5 months since my last blog post. I started writing this post at the beginning of the year, but I always found an excuse for stopping after writing a few words . Excuses ranged from tiredness, lack of motivation and inspiration, lack of ideas – you get the picture. I had also convinced myself that the first post after a long break needed to be amazing – I needed to come back with a bang. However, one of the ladies in a group I’m a part of shared a quote by Sheryl Sandberg during our monthly meeting yesterday that spoke volumes to me – “Done is better than perfect.” I don’t know about you but if I’m not 100% pleased with my output (work, writing, etc.), I won’t share it. It makes me wonder the opportunities I have missed out on because I failed to put myself, through my content, out there because it was less than perfect. So, I’m starting with this post. It’s not perfect but it is done. And I hope you enjoy reading it.

My goal for this year is to be intentional and consistent in taking steps to building the life that I want. These might seem like the latest buzzwords but for me, they provide me with a path to achieving my goals. A few areas I’m committing to being intentional and consistent this year are:

  • Writing (this blog, journaling, content writing for businesses)
  • Reading
  • Working out
  • Finances (saving and investing)

Is there anything you hope to do differently or accomplish this year? Tell me about it in the comments.

Until next time!


7 thoughts on “Year: Twenty Twenty-One

  1. Well done for finishing. It is indeed well written. Perfect even. We look forward to more! Thank you!!

    This year, I’m committed to monthly challenges and being my fittest boldest self!


  2. Well done! This year I’m committed to improving my skills daily and intentionally staying positive at all times.


  3. Loved this!
    This year, I’m trying to be more intentional about certain things and trying new stuff.


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