Open Doors

I’ve been waiting for over 2 weeks to write this post because it wouldn’t feel quite real until the end of the first day. And it finally happened today. My first day of work. *happy dance* After months of job applications, interviews and rejections, I finally got a job 😊 It’s not the permanent job I was looking for, but I will take it. This position has been an answer to so many prayers and there are no words to describe how grateful and relieved I am that the search has come to an end, at least for the next 6 months or so. I’m going to be working as a Consultant (Research & Evaluation) on a project that’s in 21 countries across Africa and I’ll get to travel to some these project sites. I will have the opportunity to practice my French and become better/more comfortable speaking it. This position is just what I need and although it’s going to be a lot of work and challenging, I’m looking forward to the experience, learning new skills while honing old ones and getting much needed experience to get to where I want to be.

I’m sure you’re all curious as to how I got this fabulous opportunity. The short story is networking. It sounds cliché but that’s what has worked for me both now and in the past. The long story, a dear cousin mentioned to a friend that I was job hunting, and her friend in turn told someone else and that person recommended me for the position. And after weeks of interviews, practical tests, negotiations, I was offered the position. There were some delays in between that caused (unnecessary) anxiety but it all worked out and I for one couldn’t be happier. I am going to work hard and do my best to excel in all my tasks and responsibilities. I’ve been given this great opportunity and I plan to make the best out of it.

For those who are in the position I was in before this opportunity came my way, I want to reassure you that even though it might look bleak at times, just hold on. Your time will come. I am a classic example of that. Also, it might come in ways you might not expect or through people you may not even know so keep an open mind and consider all possibilities. I truly believe that we don’t have desires for nothing and even if it takes a long time, they will be fulfilled. And if you’re a praying person, pray hard. Sometimes it’s at the moment you want to give up that your breakthrough happens. Keep your head up. I’m rooting for you.

I am extremely grateful to my family, friends, acquaintances – everyone who supported me, encouraged me, prayed with me, distributed my resume, sent me job descriptions etc. There are no words that can express my appreciation for all you did and continue to do for me. Love you all. xoxo

5 thoughts on “Open Doors

  1. OMG I am so happy for you many happiness your way my friend and it was amazing meeting you after all in my prayers have came your way 😘❤️


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